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i am a senior music business major at the crane school of music with a minor in graphic design and new media! as an autistic person, i think creatively in everything i do. music and art make the most sense to me, hence my involvement in both. being creative is just one of my basic needs as a human; i have to create everyday to feel fulfilled! in the future, i hope to work in a position where i can think outside the box and exercise artistic skill across many different mediums. 

my work


The Metropolitan Opera

livestream assets and graphics, youtube videos and thumbnails, social media content, PR graphics, social media management

Freelance and Coursework

psa videos, annotated poetry, recital posters, album covers, logos, photo editing


i spend a lot of my free time sketching and drawing. in my personal art, i like to depict fat bodies, queer aesthetics, and elements of fantasy.

Crane and Potsdam

advertisements, social media graphics, event programs, web design, merchandise design, social media management