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my work

The Metropolitan Opera

National Council Intern

October 2020-December 2020

what i made/did:

  • daily social media graphics

  • visuals and assets for national audition livestreams

  • weekly programs and booklets for the judges of each district 

  • youtube videos and thumbnails

  • hour+ winner videos for each district with acknowledgments 

  • posted to and managed social media channels

  • organized assets and graphic templates for future interns

Freelance and Coursework

what i make:

  • psa videos

  • annotated poetry

  • recital posters

  • album and single covers

  • photo and video editing

  • logo creation

  • program advertisements

The Syndicate

Graphic Design Intern

August 2021-December 2021

what i made/did:

  • templates for weekly social media posts for various clients

  • daily reels and tiktoks 

  • convention annoucements and holiday branding

  • podcast review graphics

  • merchandise advertisements

  • music venue research and data collection


what i make:

  • queer aesthetics

  • fat bodies

  • mythological figures

  • art activism

  • alternative and punk styles

  • elements of fantasy